The Botijo Museum. Pablo Castelo Villaoz

Villena, Alicante ( Valencian Community, Spain )

The Villena Museum of the Botijo.

The Museum of the Botijo of Villena (Alicante) exhibits an interesting private collection from Mr.Pablo Castelo Villaoz, with more than a thousand examples from all over the world. So characteristic of everyday Spanish life, the botijo is represented in different textures such as ceramic, metal, wood, etc., as well as different sizes and shapes: zoomorphic, vegetable, anthropomorphic, architectural... belonging to different periods and potteries.

The uniqueness of this Museum lies in the fact that it is, together with the Argentona and Toral de los Guzmanes Museum, the only collection of Botijos that can currently be visited in Spain.

Inside the Botijo Museum of Villena

It all began like this... As there was a cork and metal botijo at home with the inscription "Dolores Caturla", this was to be the beginning of this new collection and as it grew, I became more and more excited and at the beginning I obtained an infinite number of them from all over the world.

Today refrigerators and fridges replace this function, that of making fresh water, and so the purpose of the botijo is lost, for which its life is very much numbered, but Pablo Castelo has not been discouraged and has tried to obtain pieces even from places that no longer manufacture them.

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